Solar power at Chobe Water Villas

The Olthaver & List group is involved in the consistent adaptation of its leisure establishments to be more ecologically friendly. The group recently turned their attention to Chobe Water Villas, an O&L lodge situated in the north of Namibia in the Zambezi Region. By investing in renewable energy sources through O&L Energy, the group recently completed the development, financing and installation of a photovoltaic and storage system at the lodge. This project was undertaken in conjunction with Cronimet Mining Power Solutions Namibia and OLC Energy Namibia. This innovative solar power and battery system will consequentially alleviate the total energy use at Chobe Water Villas. As a result, the lodge, which is situated on the banks of the Chobe River, will become self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

With the completion of this latest innovative project, O&L Leisure has cemented their role as pioneers for green technology in Namibia’s hospitality industry. Eco-tourism and responsible travel are becoming more relevant as travellers seek out establishments that do their part for, amongst others, the environment. O&L’s other hospitality establishments have also undergone changes to be more eco-friendly. In December 2017 the group installed a solar power plant at Midgard Country Estate east of Windhoek. In March 2018 they did the same for Mokuti Etosha Lodge. These projects and others like them help to move Namibia’s hospitality industry into the right direction for a sustainable future.

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