Omulunga Palm Route


The King Nehale Experience takes travellers through the colourful towns of central-northern Namibia, including Oshakati, Ongwediva and Ondangwa, south towards the Etosha National Park. The route includes encounters with local communities in rural towns and an abundance of wildlife along the way as well as in the park.

Day 1:

Departing from Outapi, head south along the D3612 and take the turn-off to visit the Omugulugwombashe National Monument, a War of Independence site where the first armed battle took place in Namibia’s fight for independence.

Day 2:

Just outside the nearby Tsandi village is the Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead, where visitors can experience the traditions and customs of Owambo imperial families. The homestead offers attractions such as a guided tour, traditional meals and entertainment in the form of singing and dancing. Travellers may even meet King Taapopi, the reigning Owambo royal.

Day 3:

Heading east towards Oshakati, an interesting stopover is at Elim, a small village that is home to the Uukwambi traditional authority, and the Monument for the Uukwambi Kings. Oshakati and Ondangwa are also worthwhile stops on the road eastwards. Here you can fill up on supplies and fuel, and even enjoy the exciting nightlife.

Day 4:

The Ongula Cultural Village between Ondangwa and Eenhana allows visitors to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Owambo people. The village offers travellers overnight accommodation, day tours through the museum, visits to tribal houses and craft markets, and the possibility of witnessing customs such as traditional weddings and exciting events like the Marula Festival.

Day 5:

On the road southwards towards the Etosha National Park, travellers can make a detour to the Lake Oponono Wetlands, a popular birding spot along the D3605. Heading back to the B1, travel south towards the park and enter through the King Nehale Gate.

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s flagship tourist attraction. Nature lovers can spend a few days in or around the park and explore the beautiful surroundings and wildlife of the area.

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