fly-in safaris

For awesome views of Namibia's Scenic Delights

Scenic flights and fly-in safaris in Namibia offer the discerning traveller the chance to explore parts of Namibia that are almost exclusively off-limits from the ground. Flying by plane, the landscape unfurls before you and the breathtaking views make for once-in-a-lifetime photographs. Flying gets you to your destinations in a short period of time. As opposed to driving vast distances on dusty roads, take to the skies instead.

A flight to Namibia’s northwest passes over its dramatic desert landscapes, all along the coast and over famous fishing-waters off Swakopmund, Wlotzkasbaken and Henties Bay. See shipwrecks abandoned along the lonesome beaches and the bright orange lichen fields all the way up to the Kunene River. Admire the line where Namibia’s sand dunes and the dark blue waters of the Atlantic coast meet.

From above, the Skeleton Coast becomes completely open to visitors. The area is unlike anywhere else in the country. The isolation and desolation lend themselves to the legendary area’s dramatic name. This is a part of Namibia that up until recently very few people had the opportunity to see, and it continues to be one of the least-visited places in the country.

Further east, moving inland towards the Kaokoland and Kunene River, visitors have the opportunity to land in the heart of the Himba community and pay a visit to one of the last semi-nomadic cultures in the world. The landscape might even offer a rare sighting of an endangered desert-adapted rhino.

Many Namibian companies offer day trips along Namibia’s coast, setting off from Swakopmund and looping around the area. Other flights are available to lodges from Eros Airport in Windhoek, and between lodges around the country.






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